Recently, we have noted an increase in the number of cancelled flights for UW business-related travel.  The most common cancellations are for conferences which get converted to a virtual format.  Please see below for guidance and considerations related to booking/cancelling airfare:


  • Flight cancellations are treated the way they were in the pre-UATP world.  That is, a ticket becomes an unused ticket the same traveler can use for a future flight on the same airline.  Cancelled flights typically are not credited back to UATP cards.
  • Please exercise caution when making new travel arrangements, especially for non-employees and employees who do not travel frequently.  We do not expect to receive future UATP funds; if a traveler is unable to utilize their unused ticket, it may expire.  If you have the luxury of waiting until closer to the event to book the flight, please consider doing so.
  • We still have to expense cancelled flights, even if they get cancelled.  Please submit expense reports for out-of-pocket service fees ($18), even for cancelled flights.
  • A few cancelled flights have been credited back to the UATP cards – which is great! – but we do not expect this to be a common practice.   If the flight does get credited back to the UATP, the expense entry for the flight will be reversed.
  • Refundable tickets are still not policy-compliant.
  • Please be mindful of lodging facility policies, specifically cancellation policies.  If a location requires prepayment and is non-refundable, please consider alternate options.