Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, several questions have arisen regarding the University Policy on obtaining trip insurance. The University does not pay for or reimburse trip insurance because our travel Management Company manages our business traveler’s unused tickets for future use.

Cancelled, unused non-refundable tickets (that are not basic economy tickets) are held in the traveler’s Concur profile for future use.  If there is an airline change fee charged for the future use of the ticket, the fee is payable/reimbursable so long as the reason for the cancellation or change was outside of the traveler’s control.

When the term “travel insurance” is used there are two types of insurances to consider and discuss.  There is insurance related to medical needs (such as CISI insurance – which is available and reimbursable to employees) while in business travel status and insurance that relates to trip cancellation and associated non-medical expenses.  The latter is referred to as “trip insurance”.