Starting next week,  all users – (Alternates, Travelers, Approvers and Auditors) will receive a notification if the traveler is not an authorized driver. The notification displays for expense types of Gas for Vehicle Rental, Mileage, and Vehicle Rental.

  • This is only a notification, and does not prevent submission of the expense report.  You will still be able to submit and approve reports even if you receive this message.

  • This notification will show up for non-employees as well as for employees.  Non-employees are not required to be authorized drivers unless they are volunteers or students.  You can ignore this message for non-employees who are not students or volunteers.
  • Alternates, Approvers and Auditors can rely on this warning message and are not required to access the driver authorization database to check if the traveler is authorized.

Please note:

  • The notification is not date-driven.  It checks if the traveler is currently an authorized driver, not if they were an authorized driver at the time of the expense.  It will be possible for a traveler to get authorized after-the-fact, which will clear this notification.
  • Even though the notification will clear it is critical that travelers be authorized prior to operating a vehicle on University business. This is necessary in order for the driver to secure applicable State of WI secondary automobile liability coverage for personal or rental vehicle use.