Updated GSA rates are active today and are reflected in Concur, on the rate calculator and in SFS (expense reports)

Details on the updated per diem rates:
Based on the Federal Government’s General Service Administration (GSA) annual market review of lodging maximums & meal/incidental per diem rates, the GSA has issued new domestic lodging maximums for Federal Fiscal Year 2020 (which starts today Oct 1 and runs through end of Sept 2020). There are no changes to the domestic meal & incidental per diems for 2020. As UW System utilizes the federal rates for our maximums (we allow 125% of the max rate for lodging outside of Wisconsin), the new rates will be incorporated into UW System Travel Policy and is effective with travel through Sept 31, 2020. The UW TravelWIse Calculator and E-Reimbursement have been updated as well as Concur, the online booking tool.

As a reminder, the Department of State and Department of Defense adjust international, U.S. Territory lodging rates and M&IE per diems on a monthly basis and we automatically incorporate those. The UW System continues to negotiate the state government maximums (currently $82 – $90) into contracts whenever possible.

Noteworthy changes within Wisconsin:
• Increased standard rate for all locations within Wisconsin not classified as a “high cost” country from $94 to $96
• Continued a seasonal differential rate for Madison from the current seasonal rate of $107 – $127 to $111 – $131
• Increased Milwaukee rate from $120 to $125
• Increased Appleton rate from $100 to $102
• Decreased Brookfield/Racine from $107 to $103
• Increased the seasonal differential for Sturgeon Bay (current range of $94 – $98) to $96-$100
• Discontinued the seasonal differential for Wisconsin Dells (current range of $100 and $120) to a fixed rate $112
• Note: the rates for high cost Wisconsin locations (and the same for other high cost locations outside of Wisconsin) extend beyond the city limits and apply to the entire county.

Upcoming Travel: Most of the lodging establishments across the state have already been informed of the rate increases and are applying them to future reservations, including University preferred properties with contracted rates/terms available within Concur or with UW Team Agents.