Effective July 1, 2019 UW Madison and UW Oshkosh have elected to have all Fox airline transaction fees included at the point of sale. This decision was made at the request of both campuses, primarily to allow the allocation of airline booking fees to grant funded travel and/or to allocate transaction fees based on individual and departmental usage. Employees should expect to see these transaction fees on invoices as of July 1, 2019. We prefer you to code these transactions fees to “Travel Agency Service Fee” on expense reports in the SFS (PeopleSoft) system going forward.

University of Wisconsin System Administration continues to help subsidize the overall travel program to ensure:

·       the ability to track employees in cases of emergency;
·       leverage the UW System’s buying power;
·       meet procurement and travel policy requirements;
·       report on our carbon footprint as required by individual campuses;
·       ensure our employees have emergency service coverage.

Any questions regarding this change can be directed to your campuses travel manager.