Starting on Monday, March 4, Debbie Talbott will be transitioning from managing Onsite Travel Services/Guest Bookings to focusing on the Assistant Travel Manager duties of her position.

The services previously provided by Debbie and Onsite Travel Services will now be handled by the UW Agent dedicated team at Fox World Travel. This includes the following:

  • Guests, including interview candidates, paid for with University funds or paid for with a personal credit card and later seeking reimbursement at the completion of the visit
  • Students traveling on University sponsored trips
  • Companions of employees paying with a personal credit card

The process remains very similar to what it has been:

  1. Go to UW Travel Wise to locate the Travel Request Form for Individual Non-Employee or Student Travel found under the Contact an Agent tab at the top of the page
  2. Submit the form
  3. Payment information must be provided to Fox World Travel at 866-230-8787, please call after you submit your request
  4. The traveler will be contacted by email within 24 business hours by an agent from the UW Agent dedicated team

Another option to consider is setting up an Administrative Group, which has been found to be very efficient and saves time.  Click here to learn more about Administrative Groups.

Please contact UWS Travel Office at with any questions or concerns. We will be having regular touch base meetings with Fox to ensure a smooth transition, so all feedback is welcome.