Effective 8/1/18, the Big Ten Contract with Enterprise and National will have important changes regarding personal rentals. These changes are:

  • All rentals that are strictly for personal use will no longer include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Limited Liability Coverages. These coverages will be available for purchase through Enterprise and National at an additional cost.

  • All rentals that are strictly for personal use will have a separate contract ID and will be made through a separate booking link. The booking link is located below and should be used for personal rentals starting on 8/1/2018. This link will also be made available on TravelWIse.
  • There is no change to combination business and personal car rentals (i.e. adding additional days at the end or beginning of a business trip for personal car rental use) through the Enterprise/National Big Ten Agreement.
    • Rentals that are a combination of business and personal will still have included Damage Waiver and Limited Liability protection included in the contracted rental price.
    • Combination rentals will still be made through Concur or with a Fox World Travel agent.
  • There is no change to the rental rate for business or personal rentals.

Personal Use Enterprise/National Booking Link

If a renter has already booked a personal rental for a date after 8/1/18 using the current contract in Concur or with an Agent, note that they will not be covered with the extended coverages. If they would like to purchase extra coverages through Enterprise or National, they may cancel their reservation and rebook using the link above. If they do not need the additional coverages, they may keep their current reservation.