Use Transferology, our online credit transfer tool, to see how courses transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Tribal College systems. Discover how these institutions may award transfer credit for courses, exams, and military experiences.


Transfer Information System Commitment

The WTCS, UW System institutions, and Tribal Colleges are focused on optimizing the portability of credits and credentials among these three systems of higher education. Transferology contains official UW undergraduate transfer information provided by UW institutions to show how they will award credit for transferable courses. Print your report and keep it as a record of how your courses will transfer. The transfer course equivalencies listed on the report are for courses you take this or next semester and will “count” when you choose to transfer. The equivalencies listed in Transferology are accurate but may satisfy different degree requirements depending upon your major or program. In addition, course revisions or changes in requirements may cause equivalencies to change. UW may change the transfer information in Transferology at any time and in any manner. It is your responsibility to discuss specific circumstances with an advisor; check Transferology for updates; and retain printed copies of Transferology reports for the semester the course is taken to ensure documentation if questions arise upon transfer.