This page links to functions and information used by staff who do TIS reporting, submissions, and maintenance.

TIS Submissions provides information on the submission schedule for TIS course and equivalency files and submission file procedures.

The new TIS On-line Maintenance System allows authorized campus staff to make immediate updates to TIS courses and transfer equivalences. If you are having problems logging into the system or other technical problems, please email TIS or contact the UW System Administration Help Desk at 608-262-7653.

TIS Maintenance Manual allows you to view and/or print specified sections of the TIS Maintenance Manual.

For information on TIS Reports, see the Reports/Retrievals section. To retrieve reports, please go to the TIS On-line Maintenance System.

The Miler Team has developed interface programs to extract course and transfer course equivalency information from PeopleSoft into the format used for TIS batch course and equivalency submissions.

TIS Systemwide Footnotes provides a listing of the Footnote Text Records that are common to UW Institutions and WTCS Districts.