Wisconsin Needs More Teachers

Over the past decade, UW System Colleges of Education have experienced a statistically significant decrease in student enrollment in teacher education programs, as well as teacher certification and school leadership programs. In addition, the supply of qualified teachers in the State of Wisconsin does not meet current demand, as measured by a statistically significant:

  • Increase in emergency certification of teachers within Wisconsin school districts;
  • Drop-off in qualified applicants for open teaching positions across all school districts;
  • Increase in out-migration of graduates from UW System Schools/Colleges of Education to states other than Wisconsin; and
  • Increase in demand for teachers in high need school districts, especially in rural and urban districts, and especially in fields such as special education, bilingual education, math, science, and information technology.

UW System Seeks Solutions

As a result, the Task Force for Advancing Teachers and School Leaders in the State of Wisconsin has been asked to develop solutions in response to two, specific questions:

  1. How can the UW System work collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop financial incentive programs for students to: improve affordability, reduce student loan debt, address teacher workforce shortages in Wisconsin, and increase access, enrollment, and graduation from teacher education and administrative leadership programs at UW Colleges and Schools of Education?
  2. How can the UW System engage with key stakeholders to understand their concerns, and to consider how to raise public esteem for the teaching profession in the State of Wisconsin?