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UWS has formed a Quality Matters Consortium since November 2008. Quality Matters is nationally recognized entity initially managed by Maryland Online through a FIPSE grant to develop a process for online course design assessment. The QM program consists of a peer-review process closely based on a research-based set of standards forming the QM rubric. Currently 8 UW campuses are on the UWS QM consortium – this includes Eau Claire (College of Business), Colleges Online, Madison, Oshkosh, Whitewater, Green Bay, LaCrosse, and Superior. Participation is entirely voluntary. Members do enjoy the benefits of discounted yearly membership fee and training.

The Project

The Office of Learning Technology Development has coordinated and provided funding for a number of group training workshops for faculty and instructional support staff interested in learning about the QM process and the rubric, some sound online / blended course design principles, or in becoming a certified reviewers. Campuses in the consortium are in various stages of developing QM expertise on the local campus as basis for establishing more formal course design assessment at the advent of exponential growth in online program and courses to be offered. Some campuses send their courses to QM for formal peer reviews, while others are pursuing the QM alternative in building their internally managed review process and training.

Next Step

During the 2010-2011 academic year, the Office of Learning Technology Development will be sponsoring additional faculty and support staff to attend various levels of training to learn about the QM rubric, to be certified as a certified peer reviewer, a certified trainer, or a master reviewer. The ultimate goal is to provide a basis on sound course design process that can be shared among UW campuses, regardless of the exact rubric or the assessment process to adopt.