The UW System Learning Technology Development Council will be hosting the 2015 Virtual Showcase beginning Thursday, April 9 and ending Friday, April 10. This free, entirely online event increase the professionalism of the system’s IT leadership and staff by offering an highly available opportunity for professional development. It promotes and shares the usage of academic and administrative technology. and substantially increase investment in academic technology. The showcase showcases keynote speakers Dr. Curtis J. Bonk and Sarah Horton.

In Dr. Bonk’s keynote session ‘I am Not Content: The Future of Education Must Come Today’, he will cover a number of reasons Virtual Showcase attendants should continue to be active in the future of e-learning to affect changes in the state, and in the industry at large.

Ms. Horton’s keynote session ‘Defining Accessibility’. will cover the potential ways to help those responsible for accessibility to adequately meet their obligations.

In addition to the keynote sessions, the virtual showcase will also have a wide variety of sessions available to those interested in everything from faculty development to student engagement and the various emerging technologies it takes to support them. The Virtual Showcase offers three sessions simultaneously both days, for a total of 18 sessions.

For more information on the available sessions and to register, go to the LTDC Virtual Showcase 2015 website.