The full Data Management framework includes the Data Management Council (DMC) as well as a representative from each four-year campus and a representative for the two-year colleges and extensions.

Representatives must be a Data Steward designated to implement and report on Data Management Council (DMC) decisions.


  1. Advise and inform the Data Management Council (DMC) on decisions governing data management practices that impact all UW System institutions.
  2. Advise and inform the Data Management Council (DMC) on projects selected to implement, maintain, or improve data management practices.
  3. Serve on cross-institutional needs and interests.
  4. Represent individual institutional needs and interests.
  5. Collaborate to resolve conflicting requirements across campuses.
  6. Escalate unresolvable conflicting requirements to the Data Management Council (DMC).
  7. Communicate and disseminate information and decisions back to local institutions.
  8. Work with Chancellors to ensure implementation of data management projects and policies.