Deploying applications securely to customers requires integration with a variety of IT infrastructure. Authentication and authorization systems, data repositories and other technical components must be integrated securely to enable applications to safely and reliably deliver services to customers.


Application Integrators, business process owners and others providing IT services that require integration with campus or UW System IT infrastructure.

When to use

Campus service providers and application integrators should work with their local campus procurement and IT staff to determine what local campus standards or processes should be followed. These guidelines are offered as a default set of standards that can be used with vendors and integrators where specific campus standards do not exist.

While not all application procurement and deployment projects require a rigorous integration process, the IAM-TAG recommend that application integrators consult with local IAM staff or the UW System IAM Support Team (in addition to local procurement and IT security) before starting an application procurement. It is especially important to consult if the deployment meets any of the following characteristics:

  1. The application requires integrating with a campus or UW System authentication system,
  2. The application requires or collects identity data for UW System students, faculty, staff or other customers,
  3. The application stores identity or other data generated by UW System students, faculty, staff or others.

UW System Identity Data Approval Process

The IAM Steering Committee governs use of identity data by UW System applications. To submit a request for UW System identity data for use by an application or to request consultation with the IAM Support Team, please see