Current Grant Opportunities

2014-2015 Accessibility Grant

The Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC) has received project funding to strategically address universal design and accessibility for persons with disabilities in relation to learning technology. The following objectives guide this project:

  1. Develop best practices for UW System instructional designers and instructors to guide the creation of accessible online content for courses in all formats. Best practices may apply to textbased or multimedia content created by an instructor or publicly available on the web.
  2. Create a document that describes a common understanding of Section 508 and other legislation that informs the creation of accessible online content for web enhanced, blended/hybrid and online courses across the UW System campuses that can be used to inform compliance at each individual institution.
  3. Explore strategies and gather best practices that will improve efficiency and accuracy of the video captioning process as well as to reduce the costs associated with the process.

Refer to the grant RFP for further details and deadlines.

Grant News

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