The Data Management Council (DMC) consists of approximately six members with expert knowledge of data management practice, experience in program management, and experience operating at the system level.  Council members will come from UW System Administration or other institutions as appropriate.


  1. Make decisions governing data management practices that impact the UW System.
  2. Define and prioritize projects needed to implement, maintain, and improve data management practices across the UW System.
  3. Request resources for projects as needed.
  4. Assign projects to work groups and monitor progress.
  5. Resolve competing interests and conflicting requirements for data management practices that cannot be resolved elsewhere.
  6. Consult and communicate with Data Management Representatives to inform projects and decisions.
  7. Create, review, maintain, and monitor policies required for effective data management.
Data Management Council Members:
Todd Carothers UW-Platteville
Rob Cramer UW System Administration
Jason Fishbain UW-Madison
James Henderson UW System Administration
Anne Milkovich UW-Oshkosh
Sean Nelson UW System Administration
Lynsey Schwabrow UW-Whitewater