The purpose of the Data Management framework is to achieve consistently managed data elements and processes across the UW System enabling common analytics and enhanced decision making, with efficiency, availability, and integrity of information.

Strategic Alignment

the Data Management framework aligns to the 2020FWD strategic plan by enabling improvement across all focus areas and by implementing improvement of Operational Excellence.  Currently we lack consistent data availability across the UW System by which to analyze our activities for continuous improvement.  Fundamental to any improvement is the ability to understand the problem first, change actions that cause the problem, and analyze and measure the results of the changes.


The Data Management Council (DMC) is charged with overseeing and directing data management practices and policies across all UW System institutions.  the Council shall plan at a high level the projects associated with the framework, defining, prioritizing, assigning, obtaining resources, and evaluating project performance.  The Council shall resolve competing requirements among institutions, including but not limited to resolving conflicting interests in data definitions, procedures, and administrative processes.