Deadlines for the Innovation Program Project Reports were set as follows:

    • Project Report #1 (60-day) due:  November 23, 2015
    • Project Report #2 (90-day) due:  December 23, 2015
    • Final Project Report and presentation due:  February 15, 2016  (Maximum project duration = 120 days.)

Project Report Template:

The following report template was made available for campuses to use:

Program Award Details:

The Innovation Program provided individual awards, up to $20,000 per initiative, for ideation, prototyping, testing, piloting of innovative uses of information technology and/or process improvements in support of UW institutional missions.

The awards could be used for projects at individual campuses or used for working collaboratively among campuses.  The goal of this program was to generate successful ideas that would be used to help guide future investment of resources in endeavors that would continue to advance the mission of the UW System in the areas of teaching, research, and outreach, while improving cost-effective operations.