The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, with the cooperation of the University of Wisconsin System Administration (UWSA), explore and investigate technology that can potentially benefit all of the UW System campuses. This page highlights past initiatives and projects. Please contact the Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT) at 608-263-2571, if you have questions regarding information available on this page.

Projects & Initiatives

Experimentation in areas of technology and ideas is an important part of improving operations and adding to the overall value of the UW System.

As part of a special technology initiative, the University of Wisconsin System Innovation Program sought to identify and support proposals focused on the following areas:

  • Teaching and learning technology to explore emerging technology, support online learning technology initiatives, enabling faculty and staff development, and promoting robust and centrally managed data services.
  • Exploring of solutions through prototyping and pilot phase to assist in selecting the best solutions for aspects of administration, such as continuity of operations, consolidated cloud services, mobility strategies, and other innovations which improve employee productivity while reducing cost.

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IT Business Case Development

In the spring of 2015, President Cross directed Huron Consulting Group to help the University of Wisconsin reimagine how IT is deployed and managed. Huron worked with a small project management group made of CIOs and representatives from System Administration and a larger Advisory Committee of CIOs, CBOs, and other institutional stakeholders, to gather and vet insights into the current state.

The timeline for the project included six weeks with stakeholder working sessions and six more weeks of opportunity development and feedback. The resulting report identified three business cases, or major areas worth further exploration. Huron summarized the business cases as follows:

  1. Migrate specific ERP systems currently hosted internally to third-party providers.
  2. Explore alternative delivery models for IT services and administration.
  3. Engage in enhanced strategic sourcing for IT hardware, software, etc.


Full Report: Information Technology Business Case Development pdf

UWSA IT Engagement Executive Summary pdf