1. Update: Faculty Needs Assessment: Nov 29, 2010

    The group convened and created a list of questions, to which the answers will provide additional insight into the use of an LMS by faculty and academic programs. What do […]

  2. Update: Scan Current LMS Environment: Nov 16, 2011

    This is an update from the Scan Current LMS Environment group, one of the four groups in the LMS Exploratory Task Force. We met and created a list of basic […]

  3. Meeting Oct 21

    Reports from the four subcommittees on their kick-off meetings. Three groups have met and some multiple times. Each group has devised their own way of Communication and a rough approach. The […]

  4. Kick-off Meeting – Sept 9, 2010

    The first kick-off meeting of the task force was held in Madison on Sept 9, 2010. UWS System CIO formally gave the charge to the task force and answered questions […]

  5. LMS Exploratory Task Force

    Introduction Task force members are the authors of the content on this site. We plan to provide periodic updates on the status of this work group. Our meetings are scheduled at […]