We are on track with implementing the Kaltura Media Management System and provide the following information about recent developments.

  • The campus D2L Site Administrators and Kaltura Administrators are actively engaged with integration their D2L site with Kaltura. The deployment of the service may vary, so please contact your designated Kaltura Administrator for additional information.
  • Nearly 21K media entries have been migrated from the shared Kaltura instance (used during the pilot phase) to the appropriate campus instance. An additional process will ensue later this week to migrate any content that was uploaded during the Winter interim session. Please note that the ability to upload content into the shared instance was disabled at ~5:30 p.m. on Friday, January 17. Previous pilot participants are strongly encouraged to start using the new Kaltura instance set up for your campus as soon as feasible.

We’re excited about the start of the spring ’14 term and the opportunity to provide the Kaltura service through deep integration with D2L. We will begin to turn attention to the 2nd phase of the implementation, which involves the deployment of campus MediaSpace sites and other integrations.

Stay tuned as additional updates will follow in the next two weeks.

Peter and Lorna