This website is intended to provide updates and highlights regarding the progress of the Kaltura Media Management System implementation at UWS for all interested parties. This site may change in format as more information and resources become available during the course of the implementation.  Please contact: Peter Mann (DoIT) or Lorna Wong (UWSA) if you have specific questions not addressed in this site.


The UW System has a three-year contract with Kaltura for a media management system, effective as of November 2014. This outcome was a result of an RFP process, initiated by the Learn@UW Executive Committee, to select a viable solution to meet the needs of the UW teaching and learning community. Prior to the RFP, UWS has engaged in a limited Kaltura pilot for the past two years, expertise in the system has developed on various participating campuses, we are expecting a successful launch of the system.

An implementation plan is being developed. DoIT’s Networked Media Services will provide the service management and serve as the central contact with the vendor and the designated campus contacts. Peter Mann(DoIT) will assume the role of implementation manager.  The initial target is to provide access to the system via a deep integration with the LMS (Learn@UW/D2L) by the spring ’14 semester. Additional phases of the deployment will follow soon to fully utilize the functionality and versatility of the system. Input from the designated campus Kaltura administrators will help define the deployment to best suit the various instructional needs of the campuses.

High Level Implementation Timeline:

 Phase 1: Provide access to faculty and students in D2L for Spring 2014 semester

November 2013 – January 2014

  • Identify campus Kaltura administrators – input from campus CIOs is being sought.
  • Coordinate with the vendor on system configurations and set up
  • Coordinate with the vendor on migration of existing pilot content
  • Coordinate testing integration with D2L V10.1 LE platform
  • Provide training and consultation on rollout plan for campus Kaltura admins
  • Provide test environment for campuses
  • Provide training and documentation resources to campus users
  • Develop usage and retention policy to guide the initial rollout

Phase 2: Provide non-D2L access to faculty and students

February 2014 – May 2014

  • Investigate and implement Kaltura access to Moodle users as requested
  • Implement access to Kaltura Media Space via Federated authentication
  • Coordinate training on Kaltura platform in D2L as needed
  • Coordinate training on Kaltura Media Space

Phase 3: Assess the other specific instructional needs to use the platform

Spring 2014 semester and beyond

  • Consultation with stakeholders with specific needs and campus Kaltura admins to address the viability and support of using the platform
  • Explore other extensibility to the platform to meet the needs of users
  • Review and adjust usage and retention policy to meet the needs of users

The campus kaltura-pilot-coordinators during the pilot project will serve as valuable resources as we transition from the pilot to production phase. We expect many will continue to be actively engaged in supporting the system.

Lorna Wong