This is an update from the Scan Current LMS Environment group, one of the four groups in the LMS Exploratory Task Force.

We met and created a list of basic questions to help focus our efforts.

  • Who are the major vendors in the LMS field?
  • Who are the emerging companies?
  • What open source options exist?
  • Are other LMS-like models viable options?
  • Are there interesting collaboration or business models to examine?
  • What is the status of our peer institutions’ RFP?
  • What are the unmet needs of our peer institutions?

We agreed that our focus should be on those LMSs that can be centrally hosted at a UW System level using our Utility model. We recognize that individual campuses and/or departments might opt to implement something locally, but that would be a local decision and is beyond the scope of our investigation.

We discussed the role and assistance an outside consultant can provide. In an effort to prepare for a potential engagement we began creating a list of specific questions and points that we would want covered.

Additional updates will be posted as developments develop. – Andy Speth