The University of Wisconsin’s financial application, Shared Financial System (SFS) will be upgraded to v9.2.  The upgraded system will provide expanded functionality for University of Wisconsin users. A final go-live date will be announced when it becomes available.  

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FIT GAP eProcurement, Purchasing Notes

Thank you for attending the ePro, Purchasing 9.2 FIT GAP sessions. We appreciate your engagement and input with the 9.2 upgrade project. The below link will take you to the notes and Q&A from each ePro, Purchasing FIT GAP session.  If you have any questions, please email UW Problem Solvers.

Fit Gap ePro, Purchasing Notes

Final Scope Discussions

Oct - Dec 2017

By mid November through December we will be able to provide information on what will be changing. Information regarding system functional decisions will be updated on the web site as quickly as possible. Check back frequently for this information.   

Status Snapshot