JET is a tool for entering transactions into accounting journals that can then be uploaded to an SFS environment for nightly posting to the general ledger. JET will verify that your transactions are correctly edited, balanced and validated.

JET Journal Type Business Logic docx   Detailed description of different types of JET Journals and information on which JET Templates to use. The business logic for each JRNL Type is enforced by selecting the journal type when creating a new journal in JET.

JET IUJ Journal Template xls   Use this template for Inter-Unit Transfers.

JET JRT Journal Template xls   Use this template for Revenue (JRR), Billing (JRB) and Non-Salary Cash Transfers (NSCT)(JRT).

JET General Inter-Unit Journal File Format doc   GUIJ- General Inter-Unit Journal.

JET Non-Salary Cost Transfer/Internal Billing (JRT and JRB) Text File Format doc   NSCT- Non-Salary Cost Transfers/ Internal Billings (JRT and JRB).

JET Access Request Form xlsx   Form used to request access to JET.

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