9.1 Business Processes

This page is the location of standard business process documentation and training materials for SFS 9.1. These materials are organized by SFS module or functional grouping. If you are unsure of the module or grouping, please use the search box at the top of the page to help find items by keyword. Security and reporting documentation can be found on their respective tabs.

SFS Module Documentation & Training

The Travel and Expense module is available to institutions using the E-Reimbursement module (e-Re).

Expense Report Statuses:

Status Description
Approved for Payment All approvals are done. Waiting for payment processing.
Closed Paid and closed.
Denied An approver has denied this expense report.
On Hold An approver has put this expense report on hold.
Approvals in Process Pending approvals.
Paid Payment has been made. Not closed yet.
Pending The traveler or alternate has created the report but not submitted it yet, or it was sent back for revision.
Staged Approved and waiting for the pay cycle to process.
Submitted for Approval Waiting for an approver.

Documentation for the Approver

Documentation for Central Processing Staff

PO Feedback Forms

We’d like to hear from you regarding your experiences with Purchasing in SFS. Please use the below forms to provide your input on fiscal year end PO processing and/or general Purchasing processes in SFS.

PO Roll and Close

  • Please let us know what doesn't work well, or how we can improve the rollover process for POs.

SFS PO Processing

  • What Works Well

    Let us know the features, functionality or processes for Purchasing in SFS that work well for you.
  • Tell us the features, processes or functions that work well for you in SFS Purchasing.
  • What Doesn't Work Well

    Please tell us your pain points for Purchasing processes in SFS.
  • What You'd Like to See

    Please tell us your ideas on potential improvements, your goals for future state Purchasing in SFS.
  • Please provide detailed information on your pain points, issues or concerns.
  • Tell us about improvements you'd like to see.