Module Summary
GL – General Ledger FS Allocations Performance fix
PCard SQL Error when saving on the Reconcile Statement page
GM – Grants Management UWMIL LOC Summary Fix
EX – Travel Expense Report with cash advance and negative amounts is deducting negative twice
AR – Accounts Receivable Update UW_CUST_LD code to solve upload issue
GM – Grants Management Change UW_GM_PERSON.FULLNAME to upper-case
EX – Travel Prevent expense reports going directly to paid without any approvals
EX – Travel Migrate process definitions EX_TRAN_PRCS, FS_BP, and EX_BCHK_ALL
AR – Accounts Receivable Add index for BIPRELD
PO – Purchasing PO Export Error “Quantity or Amount is required”
GM – Grants Management Performance enhancement for PC_AP_TO_PC
AP – Accounts Payable PLT Check Template Changes
GL – General Ledger TR: Change the 1920 to work for new TTC job codes
EX – Travel Replace need to repeatedly create task jiras to stop & start scheduled processes
GN – General Security – Add Access to Page and Field Configurator
EX – Travel Security to new page to have certain nightly processes NOT Run.  See JIRa 25910