Here is the new functionality recently moved to SFS Production:

Description Module
Supplier Foundation/Affiliate Indicator AP – Accounts Payable
Add a new Supplier Secure Attachment Type AP – Accounts Payable
SUP Check Template Changes AP – Accounts Payable
Create process to automatically update TIN data in the 1099 Withholding area AP – Accounts Payable
Supplier Classification changes AP – Accounts Payable
Supplier Name/Address Improvements AP – Accounts Payable
UW Invoice template changes – ARBI AR – Accounts Receivable
Apply Oracle’s delivered fix for problems with timeout when Deleting Pending Transactions AR – Accounts Receivable
Warn traveler and alternate if any lines are duplicates to another expense report EX – Travel
US Banks needs all checks to have Name and address in capital letters EX – Travel
Reimbursement Method of UATP can only be used with Airfare expense type EX – Travel
Only allow Personal Funds on Day Trip, M&I, Mileage, Tuition/Training-Carrer EX – Travel
Delete pending expense reports created over 2 months ago that have 0.00 amounts and 1 expense line EX – Travel
Approver cannot approve TER that has only a negative prepaid line EX – Travel
Modify journal WF “hold” job to exclude journals with status = “P” GL – General Ledger
Apply Oracle’s delivered fix for problems when trying to Deleting Billing Worksheets GM – Grants Management
Security – Enable Award Milestone Tile GM – Grants Management
Enable Award Milestone Tile GM – Grants Management
Rename custom SQR, “UWPTOBJ.SQR” and include new object types GN – General
PC003 – Track changes to the reconcile statement Page PCard
Security Roles for Pcard Module Dynamic and Requested Roles PCard
Security – Load USB PCard to delivered and custom tables PCard
PC001 – Load USB PCard to delivered and custom tables, create card profiles. PCard
PO Reconcile Process needs WiscList replacement PO – Purchasing
Removing End User Access to Query Manager PT – Peopletools