Here is the new functionality recently moved to SFS Production:


1042S Immigration Code Entry Accounts Payable
Added New Supplier Request to include requestor email address in email body Accounts Payable
Supplier Audit Logging Changes Accounts Payable
Decommission SFS Component Accounts Receivable
Restored “Aging Detail by Unit report to delivered Accounts Receivable
Added Payment and Invoice view access to ePro Requestor Permission List ePRO
Added Loging-specific edits to avoid some send-backs Expenses
Allow alternates to submit expenses for non-employees or inactive employees Expenses
Modification to deduct ta for Business Purpose Relocation Expenses
Remove DOA Recon codes that UW doesn’t use General Ledger
Security role changes General Ledger
Improved functionality of the DVD page Grants
Wisper Enhancements 2020 Grants
Security Role Changes for Future P-Card users PCard
Fix: LOC Authorized Amount <> Limit Amount My Work Link now shows correct values Grants
Fix: Links for Expenses Classic Approvals are now linking folks to Classic Approval Expenses
Fix: Once users add attachments, SFS no longer provides pop-up reminder Expenses
Fix: Hover-over text for Notify Traveler button now says “Click to Notify Traveler” Expenses
Fix: 1099 Print has Corrected box checked incorrectly. Accounts Payable
Fix: Incorrect Duplicate Supplier Error Accounts Payable
Remove UW_USER from Permission List UW_QT_AP_ACCESS_GROUPS (Rolled Back) Accounts Payable