Here is the new functionality recently moved to SFS Production:


Payee Positive Pay file AP – Accounts Payable
Personal Expense and Reimburseable codes are out of sync in rare situations EX – Travel
Pop-up message if traveler is an alternate for anyone EX – Travel
Central Campus Travel staff cannot reassign workflow after JIRA 21763 EX – Travel
Block certain account numbers from being used by UWMSN EX – Travel
Change Open Book Process to eliminate reference to SFS tables AP – Accounts Payable
Add Effective Dated row for Supplier Email ID update causes Audit Framework error on Save AP – Accounts Payable
FLSA Changes for 2020:  Tuition Remission changes for SFS GL – General Ledger
GL040 – Decommission the Page UW_X_ACCT_PNL and related menu objects GL – General Ledger
Remove Process Monitor/Server List from Self-Service Access GN – General
Decommission Security Page UW_X_ACCT_PNL “Crosswalk DOA Account” GL – General Ledger