Here is the new functionality recently moved to SFS Production:

“Authorized Driver Not Found” Message added for the traveler. Travel
Drop-down list for reasons why traveler requesting reimbursement over lodging maximum rate. Travel
New Security Roles. Travel
Decommission GET within SFS. Travel
Updated wording on “Older than 90 Days” message for travelers. Travel
Set some expense types to require a Business Purpose of Relocation prior to approval. Travel
System now copies travel authorization date into new expense report. Travel
Default communication method for customers will be set based on presence of email address. Accounts Receivable
Updating view field lengths. Grants
Displayed newly fixed functionality provided by Oracle for Report Books. Reporting
Updated Security Role Descriptions. Security
Security update due to standard workflow for UWSA. Security
Remove security for decommissioning GET within SFS. Security
Fix: Invoice dates and due dates are now correct in instances where there are multiple rows.  Billing
Fix: Approvers will be directed to Classic pages, rather than Mobile pages. eProcurement
Fix: Email notifications from the IB Notify bolt-on will no longer be halted by stuck messages.  General
Fix: Issue with sensitive information.  Integration
Fix: Can now run nVision reports or Queries from Reporting Console.  Reporting
Fix: Adding journal entries needed to create accounting balance.  Travel
Fix: Correcting email recipients chosen during send back process in workflow.  Travel
Fix: Alternate can no longer approver an expense report they created for a traveler.  Travel
Fix: Provide view for travel view role for Justification and Header Information.  Travel