Here is a selection of the functionality recently moved to SFS Production:

AP, GL, PO customized file upload pages should have the add, delete, and view buttons working correctly, so there will be less need to create new run controls for those pages.  Pages affected are:

  • Student Supplier Load
  • Schedule Inbound ED Agent
  • UW Import Vouchers
  • All GL file upload pages
  • Mass Close POs File

Supplier Secure Attachments – can now have multiple attachments of the same type.  This was done to preserve history.  You should leave the older document as is and add the new one.  The date/time stamp will show which file is most recent


  1. The airline ticket number will now be shown on all wallet (corporate card) transactions and will automatically populate the ticket number in the expense report.  This will take affect with any corporate card transactions received starting today (Wednesday, October 23rd) from US Bank.
  2. On the Reassign My Workflow or Reassign Workflow to Me pages if you choose Select All it will NOT select any lines where the Select Box is greyed out.