Here is the functionality most recently moved to SFS Production:

Added Date field to ARBI Invoice Templates Accounts Receivable
Added Sales Tax Codes for departments formerly at Extension Billing
Billing Upload Modifications to accommodate Non-Sponsored ARBI Accounts Receivable
Customer Upload now updates primary contact Accounts Receivable
Decommission Legacy SFS items General Ledger
Improved WISPER search performance Grants Management
Integration Broker Error Message Logging improvement General
New Statement Template Accounts Receivable
Replaced Screen Scrape with View for Imaging Software Accounts Payable
Fix: All project IDs are now system generated for proper sequencing Project Costing
Fix: Can now enter Email on Contacts Tab as designed Accounts Payable
Fix: Corporate Code Errors now showing correct traveler’s name Expenses
Fix: Purchasing Roles now have updated query trees Purchasing