The following functionality was moved to SFS Production:

New query to identify multiple suppliers per TIN or EIN Accounts Payable
Changed Income Codes for 1042 Process Accounts Payable
Default for customer’s preferred communication method to Email Accounts Receivable/Billing
Add pop-up message if there are no attachments added by the traveler Expense
No traveler can submit a cash advance request with funding errors. Expense
For travel-related Expense Reports, the Expense line defaults to date depart for expense date. Expense
Expand access to new 9.2 table housing data loaded through the new sponsor data upload. Grants
Fixed incorrect MICR on check template Accounts Payable
Correctly treat lack of sufficient digits in Bank File Import Cash Management
Fixed ePRO workflow issue of bypassing department manager at Level 1.  eProcurement
Fix incorrect calculation when changing from Meals & Incidentals to Day Trip Meals.  Expense
Remove empty first row on Travel Authorization to prevent errors for traveler and approver.  Expense
Fix to only have an Expense Report require one approval when stuck in workflow.  Expense
Add validation step when traveler changes the Reference ID (e.g. Instate). Expense
Prevent reconciled Cash Advances with a reconciled date from being reset.  Expense