There is a known issue in which users of Internet Explorer browser find an unusual looking menu upon login to SFS.”Universal Navigation Header” menu issues can be resolved by taking the following actions:

Add ‘’ to Compatibility View settings for Internet Explorer (IE)

  • In the browser window, click “Tools” [gear in upper right corner] then “Compatiblity View Settings”.
  • In the “Compatibility View Settings” window, type ‘’ in the “Add this website” box, then click “Add”.
  • Be sure that the two checkboxes at the bottom are checked.

Close all browsers and clear computer cache

  • Close all browser windows
  • Go to: Start Menu> Control Panel> Internet Options
  • Click “Delete” on the General tab
  • In the ‘Delete Browsing History window, make sure the top option of “Preserve Favorites Website Data” is UNCHECKED and the next 3 options ARE checked
  • Click ‘Delete’ and wait for the process to complete

Detailed directions here

Reboot your computer

  • Shut down your computer, wait a few moments and restart