The UW System is working to create a climate free of sexual violence, both in campus communities and throughout the state. This work goes beyond fulfilling the legislative mandate of 36.11(22), with which the UW System has been in compliance since its enactment in 1990.

Each UW institution provides to the UW System Office of Academic and Student Affairs information on the methods used to disseminate information to students on sexual assault and sexual harassment. In addition, each institution submits examples of best practices in programming or services that assist student survivors of sexual assault or harassment, and that offer education or training in protective behaviors and sexual violence prevention. The summaries provided do not include every event, program, or initiative related to sexual assault at an institution. Rather, they indicate programs and services identified by the institution as their best practices or most notable efforts during the previous year.

Each year, the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents provides a report to the State Legislature about efforts to educate UW students and others about sexual assault and sexual harassment. These reports are discussed by the Board of Regents Education Committee in a public venue and forwarded to the Legislature.