1. New freshman who are admitted to Institutions of the University of Wisconsin System in accord with criteria approved by the Board of Regents and whose scores on English or mathematics placement or proficiency tests indicate a low probability for success in college level courses in either or both of those subjects shall be required to complete successfully the necessary remedial courses prior to completion of 30 credits. Institutions may grant exceptions to individual students; however, they must clearly document the reasons for such exceptions.
  2. Remedial courses in English and mathematics shall not generate credit toward a degree from Institutions in the University of Wisconsin System.
  3. Remedial courses in English and mathematics offered by Institutions of the University of Wisconsin System may be taught by faculty and staff they employ, through the University of Wisconsin-Extension, or through contractual arrangements with local VTAE Units. An Institution’s remedial courses should be available for students on its campus. The faculty of the University of Wisconsin System shall control the content, standards, and methods of instruction in its remedial courses.
  4. The appropriate credit load for all students enrolled in remedial courses will be determined by the Institution. The Institution will be expected to advise students carefully about the appropriate number of credits based on students’ high school performance and test scores. Beginning in fall of 1990 each Institution will provide an annual report to System Administration on the number of new freshman identified as needing remediation in English and/or mathematics and the number who successfully completed remedial courses in English and/or mathematics. The president will use this information to compile an annual report for the Board of Regents. *
  5. No later than Fall 1991, all remedial courses in the University of Wisconsin System shall be offered on a fee recovery basis.
  6. By October 1989, the University of Wisconsin System shall develop a detailed statement of the minimum college-level skills and competencies students are expected to have in mathematics and English upon entrance to the University. This statement shall be widely circulated and periodically updated. It should form the basis for college-preparatory courses in mathematics and English offered by secondary schools and for remedial courses offered by the University.
  7. An initial screening for these competencies shall include admitted freshmen’s scores on the ACT and any other additional performance criteria that each University of Wisconsin System Institution may choose. Students who score above the University of Wisconsin System established level on the ACT mathematics and English subtests are expected to have a high probability of success in college-level courses and may be exempted from further testing. For students who score below the University of Wisconsin System-established level, each Institution shall determine the specific instruments and performance criteria used for placement in college-level or remedial courses. Information about the University of Wisconsin System-established level on ACT mathematics and English subtests and each Institution’s instruments and performance criteria shall be made available to the secondary schools and to potential University of Wisconsin students.
  8. The University of Wisconsin System will cooperate with the Department of Public Instruction in developing a plan for assessing English and mathematics skills of high school students throughout the state. Examination results shall be made available to students, their parents, and their schools. Students whose scores suggest they are unlikely to place into college-level English and mathematics courses upon entering college shall be encouraged to take courses in high school that are designed to improve their English and mathematics competencies and lessen the possibility of their placing into remedial courses.

*Reporting period changed to once every three years by Res. 7382, 2/7/97.


History: Res. 5088 adopted 11/11/1988; amended by Res. 5957 and 5958, adopted 11/08/1991; amended by Res. 7382, adopted 02/07/1997.

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