The minimum requirements for an associate degree granted by a University of Wisconsin System Institution and the minimum University of Wisconsin general education breadth requirements for the associate degree, proposed by the system wide committee on the transfer of associate degree credit, are accepted as the system wide policy on general education requirements for the associate degree, effective Fall 1987. The goal of Regent Study Group 24 (See Policy 8-4), the provision that a student who has earned an associate degree containing those system wide requirements from an institution in the University of Wisconsin System, and who transfers to a university of the University of Wisconsin System, will be considered as having fulfilled the general education distribution or breadth requirements of the university, is to be implemented for fall, 1987.

Each institution shall establish an appeals process by Fall 1987 to assist students experiencing difficulties in the transfer process. A report to the Board of Regents will be made November, 1988, on the effectiveness of the institutional appeals process, with a recommendation whether or not to establish a system wide faculty appeals committee.


History: Res. 3850 adopted 7/10/87.


SYS 115: Associate Degree Standards (formerly ACIS 1.3)

[UW System Administrative policies are included for reference and are separate from Regent Policy Documents adopted by the Board.]