The Board approves amendments to Academic Planning Statement (ACPS) 3.3i, guidelines governing the faculty sabbatical program.  The full document may be obtained from the University of Wisconsin System Office of Academic Affairs.


ACPS 3.3 was later changed to UW System Administrative Policies (SYS) 160 and 160.A.


History: Res. 2773 adopted 03/11/83, replaced 76-2, 77-1.  Res. 10835, adopted 03/09/2017, authorized technical corrections.

See Also:

SYS 160, The Faculty Sabbatical Program (formerly ACPS 3.3)

SYS 160.A, Sabbatical Guidelines (formerly ACPS 3.3)

SYS 1210, Vacation, Paid Leave Banks, and Vacation Cash Payouts (formerly BN 1)

SYS 1212, Sick Leave (formerly BN 3)

UW System Human Resources Practice Directive BN A, Faculty Sabbatical Program (formerly BN 10)

[UW System Administrative policies are included for reference and are separate from Regent Policy Documents adopted by the Board.]