Upon the recommendation of the University of Wisconsin Colleges Chancellor and the President of the University of Wisconsin System, the report relating to the development of facilities in the University of Wisconsin Colleges is accepted (copy on file in the office of the Secretary of the Board) and, further, Section IV of “Protocol for Evaluation and Approval of University of Wisconsin Colleges Facilities Development,” adopted as policy for University of Wisconsin Colleges’ construction projects, provides the following:

  1. All requests for added facilities must be based upon an examination of the academic program of the University of Wisconsin College and the capability of existing facilities to accommodate the program. The Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges has the need and responsibility to review all projects in the earliest of planning stages.
  2. It is understood that there is a commitment by the Board of Regents to provide necessary faculty or other academic program staff and/or operating budget changes needed as a consequence of Board approval of the expanded facilities, if such changes are identified in the request to the Board.
  3. System Administration will review all requests for University of Wisconsin College projects within the following policy framework:
    1. The Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges will submit pertinent two-year and six-year capital development plans to University of Wisconsin System Administration according to the procedures, timetable, and format established by System Administration.
    2. In order for additional space to be supported, there must be clear evidence that the needs of the academic program cannot be met by existing facilities, and/or remodeling of existing facilities.
    3. All requests for approval of additional facilities shall also include a thorough evaluation of the long-term impact on the operating budget and staffing/faculty needs.
    4. The University of Wisconsin Colleges will request funds for the movable equipment needed for the facilities as part of the University of Wisconsin System biennial capital budget. These requests should be made to System Administration during the first half of the even-numbered years for the subsequent biennium (e.g. 1988 for the 1989-91 biennium). It is recognized that local units of government usually operate under an annual budget cycle, with considerably more flexibility than state government on the expenditure side. This sometimes results in the municipality’s ability to advance a construction project sooner than anticipated, thereby placing an unanticipated burden on limited university (Building Commission) funds for equipment.
    5. Generally, University of Wisconsin System Administration requires that all capital projects appear in the campus long-range plan prior to approval of funding. Therefore, equipment requests for University of Wisconsin Colleges that relate to capital projects NOT identified in either the two-year budget request or six-year facilities plan will generally not be funded. This places an increased importance on the long range facilities planning efforts for the University of Wisconsin-Colleges.
    6. The construction cost of the facilities will be financed totally by the county/city.
    7. The need for a building project and resultant equipment and operating costs is subject to the approval of the Board of Regents prior to local bidding of the project. In addition to a description of equipment needs, the Regent request shall include the information required in paragraphs 2 and 3 above. The design of facilities shall be in conformance with energy considerations established by the State Building Commission.
    8. It is acknowledged that University of Wisconsin Colleges facilities will require remodeling and other miscellaneous improvements caused by obsolescence, building codes, and program changes. Such minor projects are a local financial responsibility and when they do not require equipment funding, need not be submitted for Board approval. However, these projects do require prior University of Wisconsin Colleges/System Administration approval, if they involve a change in the use of space.


History: Res. 4075 adopted 6/10/88.