The following items are delegated to the System President:

  1. Requests for authorization to recruit replacements for vacancies below the vice chancellor level.
  2. Approval of vice chancellor and vice president salaries for new hires that fall within the range approved by the Board policy. (Currently, the Board approves both an authorization to recruit within a specified range and then acts to approve the specific salary once a candidate is identified. This delegation would have the Regents act only once, in setting the authorized salary range.)
  3. Authority under Wis. Stats. § 36.09(1)( e) to approve appointment of: State Geologist, Director of the State Laboratory of Hygiene, Director of the Psychiatric Institute, and State Cartographer.
  4. Authority to approve named professorships, subject to final Board approval.
  5. Authority to grant an unclassified staff member an extension of a leave of absence beyond five years for the reasons enumerated in Regent Policy Document 20-6, Section III.
  6. Eliminate the requirement to report to the Board “intention to recruit” deans with salaries below 75% of the President’s salary.



History: Res. 8457 adopted 10/5/01; Res. 8996 adopted 4/8/05; Res. 9704 adopted 12/11/09.  Res. 10789 and Res. 10791, adopted 12/08/2016, amended Regent Policy Document 6-6.  Technical corrections made on 11/15/2018, as authorized by Res. 10835 (adopted 3/9/2017).