This policy applies to unneeded or obsolete structures within the UW System and the authority to remove such structures.


State Building Commission policies and procedures permit the delegation of authority to the Board of Regents to remove certain structures valued below an amount prescribed by the Building Commission, if the building is not a historic property under s. 13.48 (1m), Wis. Stats. The purpose of this policy is to delegate that authority to the UW System chancellors.

Policy Statement

The Board of Regents delegates its authority to the Chancellors to remove obsolete or unneeded university structures when the structures’ current value, as determined by the State Department of Administration, does not exceed the amount delegated by the Secretary of the State Building Commission for the removal of such structures under the applicable provisions of the State Building Commission Policy and Procedures Manual.

Any removal of unneeded structures shall be subject to compliance with applicable policies and procedures of the State Building Commission. This delegation of authority does not apply to the removal of structures defined as ‘historic properties’ under s. 13.48 (1m), Wis. Stats.

No facility or portion thereof that has been named or dedicated shall be removed or have the name otherwise removed without a plan to continue recognition as described in Regent Policy Document 19-14.

Oversight, Roles, and Responsibilities

UW System chancellors are responsible for complying with all statutory requirements, as well as State Building Commission and Division of Facilities Development policies.

The UW System Office of Capital Planning and Budget is responsible for working with institutions to ensure adherence to this policy.

Related Regent Policies and Applicable Laws

State Building Commission Policy and Procedures Manual IX F. 5
RPD 19-14, Naming of University Facilities


History: Res. 3509, adopted 04/11/1986, created Regent Policy Document 86-2. Res. 5234, adopted 05/05/1989, created Regent Policy Document 89-5 and amended 86-2. Res. 5722, adopted 03/08/1991, amended Regent Policy Document 86-2 (subsequently renumbered 19-5). Res. 10618, adopted 12/11/2015, amended and renamed Regent Policy Document 19-5, “Delegation of Authority to Remove Unneeded Structures.”