All previous rules and regulations concerning coeducational housing promulgated by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin and the Board of Regents of State Universities are rescinded. Coeducational housing in the University of Wisconsin System, as implemented under the conditions of this policy, shall be construed to mean men and women occupying separate living areas by floor or room. Each university chancellor, as appropriate, may designate for coeducational housing a number of residence hall rooms sufficient to meet the desires of those who choose to live in coeducational housing. Adequate provision shall be made for those who do not wish to live in coeducational housing. It shall be the responsibility of each chancellor who elects to implement coeducational housing to provide such supervision and direction as is required in order to insure that a suitable environment for study and learning prevails; and that minor students (under 18 years of age) must have parental consent in writing to live in a coeducational housing unit. The public lounges and desks, service, and recreation areas will be shared in designated coeducational housing areas.

Any exception to this policy must come to the Board of Regents for consideration as a recommendation of the chancellor and the President of the University System.


History: Res. 142 adopted 4/7/72.