The Board of Regents encourages students’ intellectual opportunities at all educational levels. Through courses and national examinations offered by Project Lead the Way (PLTW), high school students can master advanced subject matter and document their achievement. High School Students who complete PLTW courses from an approved list* and achieve a 70% or higher on the national PLTW college credit end-of-course exam will receive up to a maximum of six elective credits at all University of Wisconsin System Institutions. Each UW-Institution will further determine whether course equivalent credit or credit in the major should be granted and the appropriate score required to grant credit for those purposes. University of Wisconsin System and University of Wisconsin System Institutions will publish this information in appropriate publications.

*The list of approved PLTW courses is determined and reviewed by representatives appointed by the Deans of each UW Engineering program. The list is posted at


History: Res. 9714, adopted 12/11/2009