Contingent upon legislative repeal of the statute mandating the post-September 1 starting date for formal classes at University of Wisconsin System Institutions, all University of Wisconsin System Institutions shall develop academic calendars that provide: 39 weeks in the contractual period for faculty and staff; 34 weeks of organized services, a minimum of 150 days of classroom instruction (or a University of Wisconsin System-approved alternative); and even-length semesters. All University of Wisconsin System Institutions shall substitute “winter break” and “spring break” for “Christmas vacation” and “Easter vacation.” Other holidays, such as Martin Luther King Day and Good Friday, shall be referred to by the name designated by the State of Wisconsin.


History: Res. 6290 adopted 12/11/92.

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SYS 165: Academic Year Definition and Assorted Derivatives (formerly ACPS 4.0)

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