The Academic Information Series (ACIS) consists of a set of policy papers. The areas covered include academic program planning and review, program audits, inter-institutional articulation, international education, and distance education.

ACIS 1.0:
Revised Process For Program Planning
Academic Planning and Program Review
Monitoring Low-Degree-Producing Programs

ACIS 1.1: Memorandum Of Agreement To Establish A Cooperative Program In [Program Title]

ACIS 1.2 : UW System Board Of Regents Criteria For Approval Of Wisconsin Technical College System Collegiate Transfer Programs

ACIS 2: UW System Policy Regarding Offering Of On-Site Undergraduate And Graduate And Other Instruction Programs

ACIS 3: See ACIS 5.4

ACIS 4: Summary Of UWS Academic Program Audit And Review

ACIS 5: Administrative Guidelines For UW System Implementation Of Regent Policy On Integration Between UW-Extension And The UW Institutions

ACIS 5.1: Supplementary Administrative Guidelines For UW System Implementation Of Regent Policies On Integration Of The Extension Function

ACIS 5.2: Statewide Planning, Communication And Coordination Of Extension Programs In The UW System

ACIS 5.3: Identification Of The Extension Function In the UW System

ACIS 5.4: Programming For The Non-Traditional Market In The UW System

ACIS 6.0: UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy

ACIS 6.2: UW System Guidelines For Articulation Agreements Between UW System Institutions And WTCS Districts

ACIS 7.1 – 7.4:
Conduct Of International Programs In the UW System
UW System Uniform Statement Of Responsibility, Release, And Authorization To Participate In Study Abroad And Exchange Programs