Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education hosted its second annual summit with the University of Wisconsin System on October 19-20, 2020.

The 2020 Public Summit was an open forum for those in the higher education ecosystem to collaboratively identify, discuss, and elevate innovative and effective approaches for addressing and preventing sexual harassment.

This annual event brings together a diverse group, including members of the Action Collaborative, the broader higher education community, sexual violence and harassment researchers, sexual harassment response practitioners, grassroots and nonprofit organizations, public and private foundations, and federal and state policy makers.

The 2020 Public Summit was built upon fruitful discussions resulting from the 2019 Public Summit held at the University of Washington. The virtual day-and-a-half interactive webcast featured a combination of panel discussions, expert presentations, brainstorming discussions with attendees, and a poster session through which attendees shared research and novel ideas and practices currently being explored or implemented.

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and  Medicine

2020 Public Summit

The 2020 Public Summit took place on October 19-20, 2020.

Summit videos, posters, and presenter materials are publicly available online.

2020 Public Summit

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