The University of Wisconsin System plays an important role in preparing the future workforce and strengthening Wisconsin’s economy.  During our listening sessions for the 2020FWD strategic framework, we heard about the importance of collaboration between businesses and the university. Recently, I formed the UW System Business Council to enhance our partnerships with businesses and communities as we build a vibrant and promising future for our state.

The Council includes key industry leaders with varied backgrounds, experiences, and business perspectives. The group will meet several times a year to discuss long-term strategic issues and advise the UW System about how the university can continue to meet the needs of Wisconsin.

Our university system is in a unique position to make a difference and improve the lives of our citizens. The UW System is partnering with the private sector to address major questions employers and students face in today’s competitive environment:

  • What skills will businesses be looking for 10 years from now?
  • What challenges do they anticipate?
  • What classes will help students acquire needed skills to meet these challenges?

I look forward to working with the Business Council members to tackle these strategic issues. I am confident putting industry leaders in the same room will lead to productive discussions, creative solutions, and help the UW System better align with business and community needs.