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New Travel Services

UW System will make travel planning, booking, and compliance easier by introducing new vendors, revised travel policies, new rate calculator, and a new TravelWise website. UW System will move from a single vendor to three vendors aligned to the type of travel starting July 1, with greater expertise and customer service. UW System will also simplify policies to make it easier for travelers to find, understand, and comply with policies and reporting requirements.

Update on Travel Policy

UW System continues to prepare for the launch of new travel vendors on July 1, despite the impact of COVID-19 on the UW System. We are still on track to switch to Travel Inc. for individual travel and to Shorts Travel Management for athletic travel by July 1. Those businesses have also been affected by COVID-19so we are working with them to meet our contract specifications for service.  

COVID-19 has affected progress on policy changes. UW System will release minor policy changes, called “travel policy lite,” this summer covering items like receipt requirements, lodging options and prepayment, passport expensing, and more. We will present more robust policy changes in the first part of 2021, but continued effects of COVID-19 on the UW System could alter that timeline. 

UW System continues to work on a solution for unused tickets stemming from the travel restrictions. We are working with our airline and travel agency vendors to determine the most seamless and cost-effective solution. 

Check out the new UW TravelWIse website ( acquaint yourself with the new navigation.  Reach out to your campus travel manager for any questions. 

New Travel Vendors

UW System will move from a single service provider to three vendors based upon the type of service required:

  • Employee Services, including Group Air and Administrative Groups, will use Travel Incorporated based out of Duluth, GA
  • University Group Block Services (10 or more on same flight and/or hotel) will use Fox World Travel based out of Oshkosh, WI
  • NCAA Athletics (except UW-Madison) will use Short’s Travel Management based out of Waterloo, IA.

What Will Change

  • New travel rate calculator (lodging maximums and meal per diems)
  • Rollout of Concur app and Travel Incorporated app to book and view reservations on mobile devices
  • Most employees will be working with a new travel agency and travel agent team
  • UW System will administer the TravelWIse website

What Remains the Same

  • Concur will be used for any online travel reservations (but will be fulfilled and invoiced by a different travel agency)
  • Corporate card policy and vendor
  • Ability to use an agent for service
  • 24/7 agency coverage is available, with a dedicated UW team during core business hours