The PMO works with project leadership to cater our services to the unique needs of each project or initiative.

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Recommended For

Project Management
  • Provides leadership, guidance, and delivery of project objectives from concept to completion.
  • Works with project leadership to ensure successful project initiation, planning, execution, and closeout
  • Clarifies expectations within a charter, create clear roadmaps and timelines, and engage the team to drive progress
  • Measure successes and support a seamless transition to operational activities
  • Mission-critical, system-wide, visible initiatives
  • Long (>12 months) or short-term (<12 months) initiatives
  • Provides expertise to create and implement a communication plan for all audiences impacted by a project
  • Explains change to UW audiences to reduce anxiety and help them understand the impact
  • Creates a method for achieving objectives with a detailed communication plan
  • Works closely with UW System’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications for ideas and implementation
  • Launch of a new system, policy, process, or structure that  require effective communication to be successful
Change Management
  • PMO considers change management activities into each project
  • Is available as a separate, dedicated resource for projects involving transformational change, i.e., a fundamental shift of culture, behavior, or mindsets
  • Helps the project lead assess readiness for impending changes, develop strategy, and deploy tactics to reduce resistance and support adoption of the project’s end result
  • Change manager and communications lead identify and implement the most appropriate tactics to fit the needs of the project
  • Large impact projects involving transformational change
Project Pre-Planning
  • Provides support to define a project’s scope and plan or develop recommendations for execution
  • Assists a project lead with risk assessment, outcome analysis, review of existing processes, rough timeline definitions, or development of an executable recommendation to use when the initiative becomes a project
  • If your staff needs help assessing requirements or developing a project plan
  • Need to fill skillset gaps or supplement available resources
Project Coordination
  • Supports a functional lead by overseeing organizational tasks for a project
  • Helps the functional lead to develop a timeline, create schedules, and oversee progress to make sure goals are met on time
  • If your staff needs help keeping a project on task and on time
  • Need to fill skillset gaps or supplement available resources

PMO Standard Operating Procedures

The PMO maintains consistent practices across its project portfolio to ensure quality service:

  • Staff members use standardized document templates
  • Portfolio status is regularly reviewed with the VP for Administration
  • Project Teams sites are maintained by the PMO and co-owned with project leads
  • Periodic feedback surveys are sent to project leads and sponsors
  • Closeout feedback surveys are sent to team members at the end of a project